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Driving efficiency Shenzhen Guangzhou industry is still the future engine of China's economy

the large-scale exploitation and utilization of oil in the 1950s and 1960s rapidly promoted the development of large-scale industrial manufacturing industries such as automobile and aviation, and also achieved an era in which the public can afford industrial products. In the late 1990s, with the emergence of the information industry foam, people once again fell into a crisis of confidence in economic development. It is against this background that financial assets have flowed to the real estate industry, which is strongly supported by the government. With the further support of information technology, financial assets themselves have blown out the false prosperity foam of the entire U.S. financial industry at an unimaginable scale

traditional industries were once neglected

from the perspective of the long cycle of industrial development, the whole world began to enter the era of oil and automobile in the first half of the last century, using market-oriented means to dispose of corporate debt and non-performing bank assets, and the economic entity level is based on oil, automobile, aviation and other industries. This economic situation lasted until the oil crisis in the middle and late 1970s, followed by the economic depression

at that time, the world was asking, is there any hope for the next round of mankind? At that time, the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) found a group of experts, scientists, entrepreneurs and economists to conduct research. The conclusion is that the next round of world economy will enter a new economic era centered on communication, information, technology and network economy

since the 1980s, the world economy has entered a new era of industrial development, the so-called "new economic era". Many people believe that after entering the new economic era, the economic growth of the world will no longer depend on resources and there will be no cyclical economic crisis. Because it is not constrained by resources, development can be achieved by human brain power, creativity and high technology

in the 1990s, the world economy grew well. However, the good times are not long. The collapse of NASDAQ index in 2000 indicates that although the high-tech industry is a good thing, investors have no confidence. Because the profit model of high-tech industry has not been solved. Some studies say that the reason why the NASDAQ index will collapse is that investors cannot see the development of a good industry, and top investors such as Buffett will not invest in these industries. He and bill gates are good friends, but he doesn't buy Microsoft stock either, because it's a good thing

how can these industries continue to make profits? First of all, it should be clear that these industries rely on three supports: first, monopoly; Second, the licensing system, you can do, others can not do; Third, the patent system. In a word, these industries rely on monopoly to obtain sustainable profits. If there is no monopoly, they cannot obtain sustainable profits. Because these industries have the characteristics of low resource consumption, their price determination mechanism is different from traditional industries

from the perspective of economics, if competition is formed, the marginal cost of high-tech industrial products is zero or tends to zero, so its price will tend to be infinitely small. If so, where does the profit come from? No ① For ordinary metal and non-metal samples, how can investors benefit from the direct contact between the jaws of the fixture and the samples? Therefore, investors are unwilling to invest in such industries for a long time

in this case, where will the real economy develop? With such a large financial asset in the financial industry, where to invest and develop? In fact, the U.S. government also wants to do good things to solve the housing problem for the people, so it guides a large number of financial assets into the most traditional industry - the real estate industry

it can be seen that once the most traditional industry goes wrong in the subprime mortgage crisis, the whole economy will shake. Doesn't it mean that the world has entered the "new economic era" of high-tech industry? Why did the high-tech industry not become the mainstay? Why do Americans have no confidence? What kind of industry should we develop? Why is the automobile industry the pillar industry of the last round of economy? Why are people so nervous when the three major auto companies in the sunset industry have a crisis? So people have to ask: where is the United States now? If the United States wants to restore confidence, it will tell investors what industries are good, which are not only promising but also profitable

what can industrial development solve?

over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, what China can really do is industry. However, some people don't know how to be grateful. While enjoying the benefits of industrial development, they constantly blame industrial development. It seems that the problems facing China's economy are all caused by the development of industry. The consumption of resources, environmental pollution and the miserable life of migrant workers all seem to be due to the development of industry

but can all the problems in China be solved without industry? For example, China has 1.3 billion people to eat. Can we afford 1.3 billion Chinese people without the development of heavy chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, water conservancy and other aspects? It can be said that almost all major problems in China depend on industry to solve. Some people say that industry is not important anymore, and there is no need to develop industry in the next round, so local governments and enterprises will not know what to do

taking the resource problem as an example, whether the material on the earth is a resource or a waste depends on the ability of industrial technology. Any material in the world is a resource. Without developed industry, no matter how good it is, it cannot become a resource. Therefore, the solution of China's resource and environmental problems does not depend on the lack of development, but on the development of industrial technology

another example is the problem of land. Some people say that Beijing has no land, but which city in the world has so many yards in Beijing? China is a country of farmers. The biggest wish of farmers is to be a landlord. When they enter the city, they want to be an owner, and the owner is also a landlord. Look at some places. The main purpose of building enterprises is to enclose land. Some high-tech development zones do not want to engage in industry, but to enclose land. Therefore, in essence, China is not without land and resources, and there is no future without further industrial development

the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States shows that the United States has not yet gone through the traditional industrial era and the oil age (at least 20 years), nor has it gone through the trapezoidal lead screw generation of the automobile. At present, the high-tech industry in the United States is much more developed than that in China, but they dare not ignore the most traditional industries. In reality, people in all parts of China know that the future of China is to continue industrialization, and there is no other way to go. Of course, industrialization is not just the development of industry, because the development of industrialization will lead to changes in economic structure, social development and political progress

China's industrialization will reach a higher level

at present, the financial crisis has caused many adverse effects, but there are also many favorable factors. Seizing the opportunity may make China's industrialization reach a higher level, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

first, China has indeed been in a period of resource shortage for a long time, and resources must be in shortage, but during the period of financial crisis, the resource shortage has temporarily eased, It is an opportunity for industrial development

second, in the process of the financial crisis, macroeconomic policies tended to loosen, which made it possible to do things that could not be done in the past and could not be done when the economy was overheated. Maybe now there is a relatively short opportunity to do them

third, the price of international assets will decline significantly. At this time, at least enterprises, especially good enterprises, will have room and opportunities for strategic choice

fourth, in the financial crisis, many industries may experience "fine washing". In the crisis, it is true that some enterprises that blindly developed and expanded their scale at that time would be destroyed. But there will be no problem with good enterprises, even the most traditional good enterprises in the textile industry should have no problem. Therefore, after this round of financial crisis and a round of "fine washing" of the industrial industry, the competitiveness of some enterprise groups will be improved

fifth, China's international status will be significantly improved in this crisis. In the negotiation of international rules, China's chips will increase, and the international pressure on many things may weaken

Sixth, the financial crisis will strengthen the will for development and reform. At present, China has not gone through the primary stage of socialism and the stage that industrialization must go through. The basic experience of reform and opening up over the past 30 years shows that the principle of using development to solve problems in development is correct. The world's major research and production of functional membrane materials used in four categories of emerging industrial fields: special insulation materials represented by pen films, which are used in aerospace, motor vehicles, micro electromechanical and other aspects; New optoelectronic materials represented by LCD film, which are used in mobile terminals, intelligence, personal computers and other liquid crystal displays; New energy, energy conservation and environmental protection materials represented by solar backplane lining film, which are used in solar photovoltaic, energy-saving building decoration and other aspects; Computers used in membrane switches, flexible printed circuit boards and other aspects use new materials. Some of the mistakes made by many people are often cast in beauty, goodwill and myth. Therefore, we cannot sit in the office and imagine the wishes of 1.3 billion people with the ideas and good intentions of urban people in the building

someone said something like this: everyone is talking about how hard working people are, but when they go to the countryside and ask the farmers what the best policy is since the reform and opening up, they said, "let's work in the city". Because, "only when I work can I earn money, only when I go home can I build a house and marry a wife"

it's really hard to work, but this is the process of industrialization, so urban people who enjoy the fruits of industrialization and urbanization should not say that they can't develop industry now. There are still 1billion people in China who have not enjoyed the fruits of industrial civilization. If industrialization should be stopped, where does people's confidence in coping with the world financial crisis come from? Although there must be difficulties in the middle of the crisis, enterprises can find ways to get rid of the difficulties and improve their competitiveness. Just in terms of direction and policy, we should tell you that now we still have to concentrate on development and go through the next stage of industrialization. China will surely go through a new stage of more brilliant development

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