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Shenzhen huibeichuan new factory, a sensor enterprise, will be put into operation in Wuxi.

people have senses such as touch, taste and smell. Touch makes people feel the cold wind. Choose high magnetic separation drum bone, taste makes people taste the sweetness and bitterness, and smell makes us breathe the fragrance. Cars also have senses, that is, sensors. The sensor can detect the temperature inside the car. If the temperature is too high, the car is like a person heating, so measures should be taken to cool it in time. In the era of new energy vehicles, it is more critical for sensors to detect the temperature in the vehicle. There has been a car fire accident caused by too high battery temperature before; If the temperature is too low, it will make it difficult to charge and discharge the battery

recently, Ningde times has attracted wide attention as a battery supplier of Volkswagen. Volkswagen has put forward higher safety requirements for batteries, and temperature control accuracy is one of them. Sensitive monitoring of temperature changes can effectively avoid safety accidents, and sensors play an important role

Ningde times, BYD, BAIC, GAC, JAC, Geely, Chang'an, China heavy truck and other enterprises are currently using sensors from Shenzhen huibeichuan. United Auto Electronics, daxun, electric drive, meggitt, Hangsheng, Jingjin, bog Warner and other parts giants are also customers of Shenzhen huibeichuan

with the advent of the era of new energy vehicles and the rapid growth of orders, Shenzhen huibeichuan urgently needs to expand production capacity. On March 13, the new factory of Wuxi Zhonghui Automotive Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen huibeichuan, was put into operation

in his speech, Liu Bin, chairman of Shenzhen huibeichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., said that in 2008, Shenzhen huibeichuan decided to enter the field of new energy vehicle electronics. Before the new factory in Wuxi was put into operation, we cooperated with semitec Co., Ltd., a world-famous sensor company, for more than ten years. Now, the relationship between the two sides has gone further, from cooperation to shareholder relationship. Thanks for the technical assistance provided by semitec Co., Ltd. over the years. We would also like to thank the investors for their trust in US and help Wuxi Zhonghui new factory put into production

the new factory in Wuxi covers an area of 24000 square meters. After it is put into operation, it will have an annual production capacity of 10million sensors and 300000 sets of on-board capacitors in 2018, with an output value of more than 300million; It is expected to have an annual production capacity of 15million sensors and 500000 sets of on-board capacitors in 2019

it is learned that the sensors of Shenzhen huibeichuan are not only used in batteries, but also in motors. Permanent magnet motors are widely used in new energy vehicles. If this motor exceeds the critical temperature, the permanent magnet characteristics will disappear. The accuracy of temperature control of this motor is no less than that of battery. Liu Bin told China Automotive News that at present, most motor temperature sensors have a working range of about - ℃, and Shenzhen huibeichuan is developing sensors that can reach a maximum temperature of ℃ for more applications

at present, the demand for sensors is stronger for self driving with hot hands. Over the past three years, Shenzhen huibeichuan has established technology centers in Shenzhen, Wuxi, Changsha and Tokyo, Japan, covering Japanese automotive electronics experts and domestic automotive electronics R & D teams. Create the "four new" core content of the company in new energy, new materials, new technology and new process

Liu Bin told China Automotive News that Shenzhen has rich software talents, Wuxi has convenient supporting facilities, and each technology center has different priorities. Shenzhen huibeichuan has more than ten years of experience in sensor research and development, and has a deep understanding of cars. In the field of automatic driving, Shenzhen huibeichuan has also formed its own advantages

during the visit to the new factory, we saw that brand-new equipment were neatly arranged on the production line. Liu Bin told that these production equipment are all from German and Japanese manufacturers. Although their prices are high, their production reliability is much higher. Similar equipment made in Taiwan is about 800000 yuan each, and equipment made in Germany and Japan is more than 2million yuan

equipment 6 After the scheduled time wear test, the price has more than doubled, and the cost is bound to be higher than that of competitors. How should Liu Bin calculate this account

Liu Bin said that it mainly depends on two things: the accuracy of the sensor and the high reliability of the product. Our sensors can accurately detect the temperature change of the battery pack within 1 ℃ within the working range, which many other sensor enterprises cannot do; The defective rate of Shenzhen huibeichuan sensor is controlled within 2ppm, reaching a high level but poor performance stability. Reliable product quality can avoid unnecessary losses for customers. For example, if the automobile 1 and electronic universal material testing machine is a large-scale precision experimental locomotive enterprise recalling problematic products, it will not only bring economic losses, but also harm the brand. Shenzhen huibeichuan would rather earn less, but also provide customers with the best quality products to ensure product quality and long-term reliability

in the selection of raw materials, Shenzhen huibeichuan also adheres to the principle of considering customers, which is evident in the application of film materials. Shenzhen huibeichuan has been using imported films with higher prices. Liu Bin said, "the imported high-grade film is thinner and more stable than the domestic film. In this way, the volume of the capacitor is relatively reduced, which can make the space of the whole motor controller more compact and increase the power and energy density of the product."

for the sake of product quality, Shenzhen huibeichuan introduced the lean production method. Compared with most enterprises using ERP system, some enterprises go further. Using MES system, Shenzhen huibeichuan adopts the whole process management system, which can strictly control every product and every step of the production process, ensuring that the product quality is completely controllable

no matter how good the quality control system is, it cannot be separated from human factors. Therefore, Shenzhen huibeichuan attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture. Liu Bin told China auto news that spirit reflects the essence of corporate culture. In the era of popularity, reading seems to be getting farther and farther away, but reading can cultivate people's upward spirit. Shenzhen huibeichuan insists on reading together for 5 minutes every day, and books on corporate philosophy, humanities, society and other aspects become the reading objects. "Five minutes a day doesn't seem to be much. Stick to it and read at least ten books a year." Liu Bin said

through reading, everyone understands why they want to work, how to take better care of their families, and have a grateful heart for their parents. "Only when you understand in your heart can you work with motivation." Liu Bin said. Shenzhen huibeichuan also attaches great importance to League building activities. One of them is to organize mountaineering on New Year's day every year. It has been rain or shine for 15 years

the new factory in Wuxi has been put into operation, and the quality control system and cultural construction are carried out simultaneously, which is consistent with the headquarters in Shenzhen. "The requirements of each center of Shenzhen huibeichuan are consistent, and the purpose is to better repay the society, shareholders and our employees." Liu Bin finally said

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