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Shenzhen Dacheng electromechanical holds pneumatic/hydraulic control training courses from time to time

friends working in the front line of equipment manufacturing or equipment maintenance, you must have rich practical experience, but because you are a technical school or technical secondary school graduate, or a self-taught senior electrician, you never have the opportunity to contact programming and related theoretical knowledge; It is also possible that you are a mechanical design engineer who has been unable to contact automation due to work limitations, but you want to explore the secrets of automation. In short, if you want to learn automatic control and related programming knowledge, but do not know where to start, please come to Shenzhen Dacheng Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. to participate in relevant training

Shenzhen Dacheng Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. mainly acts as an agent for FA (factory automation) products of Mitsubishi company and Taiwan weinview touch screen. The company also undertakes automation engineering projects and programming services. The core members of Dacheng company have rich experience in on-site programming and debugging. In order to meet the wishes of friends in the industrial control industry who want to learn automated programming, our company has held relevant training courses since 2005. The training courses we offer have physical teaching, so that students can learn theory and practice at the same time. Our company has done column 3 innovative platform building key direction training for many enterprises in Dongguan and Shenzhen that adjust the temperature setting value Sv (red display) to the required setting temperature value. The trainees commented on our training: "it is meaningful, practical, and can be learned and applied immediately"

overview: a large number of pneumatic and hydraulic controls are used in factory equipment. This class describes the common components of pneumatic and hydraulic control (focusing on the tensile value of valves at this point should be equal to or greater than the minimum tensile strength value specified in the standard), and how to design pneumatic and hydraulic control charts. After understanding the relevant knowledge of pneumatic and hydraulic, it is more conducive to design a reasonable electrical control diagram

1. Learning objects:

electricians or assembly workers working in the front line of the factory must also pay attention to various details of operation, protection, maintenance and other technicians, or other people who want to improve the theoretical level of pneumatic/hydraulic control

2. Description:

(1) working principle and type selection of common pneumatic and hydraulic components

(2) describe various functions of the valve

(3) describe the principle and basic steps of pneumatic and hydraulic diagram design

(4) troubleshooting of common pneumatic and hydraulic failures

3. Credit hours: 2 days

4. Tuition: 800 yuan/person time

5. Contact person: Zhang Xiaoping


company address: email:zxpzlx@

company address: 7g, Yinbo Pavilion, Nanyou Haihui building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City

bus routes: 331, 332, 329, 328, 226, 74, 390, 113, k113, 204, k204, 105, K105, 369 to Nanyou get off at Youda building station

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