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Shenzhen Dapeng customs and Shenzhen Yantian entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau announced on the 2nd that the customs inspection and quarantine Union had seized a case of false import of solid waste at Shenzhen Yantian port, involving a total of about 19.9 tons of waste

this case is a typical case of "foreign garbage" since the cooperation between Shenzhen Dapeng customs and Shenzhen Yantian entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau on "one declaration, one inspection and one release"

it is reported that recently, an enterprise declared to import a batch of goods named "recycled polypropylene particles in other primary shapes" from Dapeng customs. This seemingly normal customs declaration has aroused the suspicion of the Department jointly completed by Harbin Institute of technology and China Air Force Research Laboratory. The shipment was shipped from Belgium, which belongs to developed countries in Europe and the United States, and its remark is "free model test supplies". According to the judgment of the customs risk department, there may be the possibility of illegal elements deliberately misreporting the import of goods. At this time, Yantian entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau sent a clue to remind this batch of goods. After the comprehensive judgment of the relevant risk department, the control order was issued immediately

on May 13, the inspectors of both customs and inspection sides checked the goods on the spot according to the instructions. After opening the cabinet door, they found that the outer packaging was indeed like the regular imported plastic particle packaging seen in the past. However, after opening the package, it was found that the goods inside were composed of flake and granular plastic mixed with black, white, red, yellow and other colors, and the goods were 2 The irregular shape of biomedical and medical device materials after crushing is not like polypropylene particles. Inspectors from both customs and inspection sides immediately suspected that the containers under investigation were not officially imported organic compounds, but solid waste with angular restriction function, which is commonly known as "foreign garbage"

Shenzhen Yantian entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau preliminarily determined that the actual goods were waste plastics after rapid testing of the samples of the goods involved. After further inspection, it was found that all the goods in the container were consistent with those seen when opening the container, and the whole container of a 40 foot container was full of "foreign garbage"

according to the person in charge of Yantian entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, waste plastics are prone to produce a large number of toxic and harmful gases and waste residues in the production and utilization process, so they are listed in the restricted import catalogue, and enterprises can only import them with an import license issued by the Ministry of environmental protection. However, some criminals often smuggle foreign garbage that can be hot pressed, welded, bonded, reinforced, and machined without environmental protection harmless treatment into China by means of false reporting, concealment, and other means, and then process it into goods that are in direct contact with human bodies, such as renovated clothes, disposable tea cups, and plastic lunch boxes, which have a serious impact on China's ecological environment

at present, Shenzhen Dapeng customs has transferred the case to the anti smuggling branch of Dapeng customs for investigation according to the detection conclusion of Yantian entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau. After the anti smuggling Department has handled it, the goods involved will be transferred to a professional company for harmless destruction

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