Shenzhen has become a fertile land for UAV culture

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Shenzhen has become a fertile land for "UAV culture"

foreign players praise the competition

[Shenzhen business daily news] (Zhang Weiwei, Bai Yongli, text/picture) the first UAV World Championships was held in the Sports Center Stadium of Shenzhen Longgang Universiade from November 1 to 4. This event, which integrates science and technology, sports and art, was warmly praised by guests and contestants from all over the world

frest Bink, chairman of the International Federation of Aeronautical sports, said in his speech that Shenzhen was the perfect venue for the first unmanned aerial vehicle world championships, a new sport. The UAV economy is rejuvenated in Shenzhen. The city exudes the breath of rapid development and prosperity of China's plastic sealers, which perfectly coincides with the exciting moments brought by the UAV race

he also paid special tribute to the venue and track of the first UAV World Championships. He said that the Universiade Sports Center is a beautiful and first-class place, and has a well-designed track, which can not only test the skills and skills of contestants The comparison table of ambient temperature force values of different models can be set (as shown in the table below, and the LED light strip stretching for several kilometers presents an amazing visual effect for the audience. At the same time, through the Internet, the following introduces you to the live broadcast of the operation skills of the wear resistance experimental machine. The audience can witness the event and the exciting moment of the game with their own eyes. All this is due to the power of science and technology to develop new technologies and products.

this world championships brings together people from Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, and South Korea 128 top pilots from more than 30 countries and regions, including Thailand, competed in the same field. In the interview, young stars Thomas and Killian of the French team were both excited and surprised to be able to play in Shenzhen. They think the colorful LED track is very amazing and challenging, which they have never felt before. Many athletes said that the arrangement of this event is very perfect, and the track and venue are unforgettable

Suzanne, Secretary General of the international aviation Federation, said that Shenzhen is the bridgehead in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles in the world. Vigorous sports culture and the spirit of scientific and technological innovation are the two important supports for UAV sports. The international aviation Federation hopes to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with Shenzhen and jiazhaoye sports group, the event operator, to promote the development of Shenzhen's UAV industry and build Shenzhen into a fertile land of "UAV culture". She said that Shenzhen, which is young and developing rapidly, will be an innovation and technology center of world civilization

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