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Sany Asia Expo interprets 20million intentional orders on the first day of the international model

Sany Asia Expo interprets 20million intentional orders on the first day of the international model

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Guide: on September 2, the third Lubrizol life sciences is the only medical solution that provides polymer customization, drug delivery device development and contract manufacturing services at the same time. The Asia Europe cooperation Expo opened in Urumqi International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xinjiang, Sany Heavy Industry, the first construction machinery manufacturer in China and the fifth in the world, has attracted the attention of exhibitors with an exhibition area of 2318 square meters and 15 star products, so that patients can get more reassuring medical products. This exhibition attracted 4284 from 11 countries

on September 2, the Third Asia Europe Expo was opened in Urumqi International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xinjiang. Sany Heavy Industry, China's first and the world's fifth largest construction machinery manufacturer, attracted the attention of exhibitors with an exhibition area of 2318 square meters and 15 star products

this exhibition attracted 4284 exhibitors from 11 countries and nearly 100 media gathered in Xinjiang to inquire about information: unprecedented scale. Vice President Li Yuanchao visited the exhibition and attended the opening ceremony

the exhibition started well

on the first day, the intended order was more than 20 million yuan

it was seen on the scene that among the 15 products exhibited this year, there were many Sany "big name" products. It includes C8 pump truck integrating Chinese and German technology, truck mounted crane jointly developed by SANY and parfiger, and sany truck crane and excavator, which are popular in the global market

c8 pump truck is a series of products launched by Sany Heavy Industry after its acquisition of Putzmeister, which fully integrates the design concepts, advanced technologies and manufacturing processes of both sides. In the construction of Yumin gymnasium in Tacheng District, Xinjiang, C8 pump truck completed the pouring task with zero failure

c8 pump truck quickly won the market with quality. Sany's truck crane and fastening excavator also made "a world" in the international market with superior performance

in the first half of this year, with truck cranes as the main target, Sany Heavy Lift accounted for 36% of its overseas sales. At the beginning of this year, the order of 260 excavators signed by SANY and Africa was successfully delivered, which is the largest single excavator export contract in China's construction machinery industry. The sy55c-9 excavator in this exhibition adopts European standard environmental protection engine, and the new controller brings excellent energy-saving effect. "With the same efficiency, the fuel consumption is reduced by 10% compared with the previous generation." Site staff said

with its high-quality image and high popularity, Sany received an intended order amount of more than 20 million yuan on the first day of the exhibition. It is worth mentioning that the road machinery business department made a good start. One smp90c paver and one yzc12f roller were sold on site that day, with a transaction amount of nearly 2million yuan

kuerbanjiang, a user from Karamay, Xinjiang, has a special preference for smp90c paver. He said, "Sany's paver is the model I use. The hopper is solid and has large capacity. The oil surface paving effect is close to Vogler, and the cost performance is excellent."

On the first day of the exhibition, he Baoxiang, vice governor of Hunan Province, and the Hunan delegation visited Sany exhibition area. He Baoxiang praised Sany as "representing the image of Hunan"

it is reported that Sany has participated in the Asian Expo three times in a row. In the first exhibition, Sany showed its strength with an exhibition area of 4000 square meters and the largest exhibition scale. In the second exhibition, the transformer excavator made by SANY landed in Xinjiang, becoming the biggest highlight of the exhibition, and intensively displaying the strength of the company's scientific and technological innovation. This time, Sany perfectly interpreted the international model with a more atmospheric and fashionable industrial image

the exhibition organizer said, "Sany's booth is the most popular." At the exhibition site, the unilateral bridge performance brought by SANY excavator was flexible and powerful. A large number of spectators stopped to watch the excavator "mechanical dance". The centralized display of nearly 100 spare parts highlights Sany's ability to build the whole industrial chain. Indoor and outdoor, Sany also showed the company's manufacturing strength and the refined management of workshops and production lines through pictures, which amazed the participating customers

"the popular activity performance, the elegant and magnificent new booth, the lean equipment far beyond the peers and the accessories display of the whole industry chain have become the most beautiful scenery on the scene." After visiting Sany exhibition area, a customer said so

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