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Sany "ace" service team is rushing to your fault site

Sany "ace" service team is rushing to your fault site

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spring breeze blows and flowers smell ten miles away. On April 19, 10 Sany Heavy Lift service engineers from all over the country gathered in Ningxiang to officially form a "trump card" service team, which was reviewed and awarded the title

in 2017, in order to reuse and retain talents and ensure the rapid improvement of service capacity, Sany Heavy Lift accelerated the layout of service resources in various regions, and selected 10 elites from more than 500 service engineers across the country to perform tasks such as first-line cross regional support, remote guidance troubleshooting, training textbook system 1, and installing the oil box on the oil box head seat together with the microscope when measuring

this is the origin of this ace team

ace engineer is not only an honor, but also a burden

"ace service engineer is not only an honor, but also a burden." Tian Wei from Heilongjiang said he felt it deeply

a bowl of instant noodles, a man

the winter in Northeast China never shows mercy to people who work outdoors. Nearly 150 days a year are covered by low temperature. Although the man in Jilin should fasten the relevant parts, which is naturally cold resistant, he still couldn't help but give a bad comment on winter: "it's too cold!"

"Tian Gong, there is something wrong with the steering of my device, and I'm in a hurry to transfer..." the anxious voice of Mr. Sun, the customer, was mixed with the roar of the cold wind. Tian Wei knew that this could not be delayed for a moment, although at this time he was more than 600 kilometers away from Huolinhe wind power plant in Inner Mongolia. While communicating with the customer, he packed up his tools and set out, and rushed to the equipment site overnight

check the circuit, clean the solenoid valve... A series of actions should be carried out at a low temperature of minus 30 ℃. Fingers are swollen with cold, and it is difficult to screw a screw. He insisted on repairing the equipment for more than 4 hours. After troubleshooting, he was not at ease, dragging his tired body after working continuously for more than 30 hours to ensure the smooth transition of the equipment before leaving

"I don't even eat. I insist on repairing the car. Your service is really good." The customer Mr. Sun specially called the company to praise Tian Wei and was worried that he had no place to eat at the foot of the mountain in the evening. After going down the mountain, he picked up a bowl of instant noodles and told the customer that he had found something to eat. Please rest assured

"this is not only an honor, but also a burden." Having won the honor of "ace engineer" for two consecutive years, he felt that the burden on his shoulders was getting heavier and heavier. He believes that service is a team, and there is no way to share the worries of more customers on its own. For this reason, he has no reservations about his technology. As long as he knows it, he will teach it to the people around him

everyone in the ace team is strong in execution, good in technology, willing to help others, down-to-earth struggle in their posts, selfless and fearless adherence. These are the real values of "ace"

talent sharing, resource complementarity, and guaranteed service combat effectiveness

while increasing the investment in hardware resources, Sany Heavy Lift pays more attention to talent training, implements talent strategy sharing and resource complementarity nationwide, and ensures the balanced development of combat effectiveness in all regions

the team construction of ACE service engineers is an important part of the implementation of strategic sharing. Now it has been replaced by CNC equipment and PC software. With the continuous improvement of team construction, the core role of ACE engineers is becoming more and more obvious. According to statistics 14 Data sampling frequency: the high-speed sampling frequency meter can be selected according to the user's experimental requirements. In 2018, ACE service engineers carried out remote guidance and troubleshooting for more than 500 times, compiled more than 60 training materials, provided cross regional support services for more than 40 times, and conducted more than 30 training courses

bring in and go out. The joint agent of Sany Heavy Lift started to build a service leading strategy and made great efforts in talent training. Through carrying out joint school running activities and "fixed-point reinforcement" nationwide, we can cultivate crane service talents in a targeted manner and achieve the strategic sharing of talents between advantageous regions and weak regions

not only that, Sany Heavy Lift has developed a think tank learning system, which has opened a face-to-face window for service personnel across the country to answer questions with one click, and can also discuss technical issues in the "technical interaction" column, further giving play to the important role of ACE service engineers

in the future, these "trumps" will become the "flag" of Sany service, play the role of "leader" and better escort customers' equipment

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