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Sany and Putzmeister jointly appeared at the Asia Europe Expo

Sany and Putzmeister jointly appeared at the Asia Europe Expo

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Guide: on September 3 and 7, Sany and Putzmeister jointly appeared at the second Asia Europe Expo. The Dragon elephant dance attracted the attention of many participating customers, and the Sany exhibition area became the focus of the audience. 2680 square meters of exhibition area, including 17 star products such as concrete machinery, lifting machinery, excavation machinery

from September 3 to 7, Sany and Putzmeister jointly appeared at the second Asia Europe Expo. "Dragon and elephant dance" attracted the attention of many exhibitors, and sany exhibition area became the focus of the audience. The exhibition area of 2680 square meters, including 17 star products such as concrete machinery, lifting machinery and excavation machinery, shows the quality charm of Sany Heavy Industry, a global top 500 enterprise

Sany exhibition area is magnificent

Sany exhibition area

the first popular brand of elephant pump truck shines on the land of Asia and Europe

as the largest exhibitor in Hunan, Sany has a wide range of products. Among them, Putzmeister's 49 meter concrete pump truck will meet customers. The maximum displacement of this product reaches 148 cubic meters per hour. It adopts RZ folding 5-SECTION arm design, with flexible operation and no cloth blind area in front of the outrigger. And the compact telescopic outrigger is adopted, which can adapt to the construction in a narrow range

in January this year, Sany Heavy Industry acquired Putzmeister. This industry benchmark enterprise with a history of half a century, focusing on the production of concrete products and products all over the world, has made eye-catching performance after being acquired by SANY. According to the data, in the first half of this year, although the European debt crisis has not been lifted, Putzmeister achieved a year-on-year increase in sales revenue of 10% - 15%, with full potential for development, which greatly promoted the internationalization process of Sany

through this acquisition, the two sides have also integrated sales channels and service resources. At the same time, Sany also began to actively extend the product range of Putzmeister in the concrete field and expand its product value chain

on July 23 this year, Putzmeister invested 8.1 million euros to acquire 100% equity of intermex GmbH held by Mr. Hans George stetter

according to foreign media reports, intermex was founded in 1984 by Hans Georg stetter, the son of Georg stetter, a pioneer of mixer trucks, and has rapidly developed into a leading enterprise of mixer trucks and special mixing equipment in Europe. It is understood that intermex is the third largest manufacturer of concrete mixer trucks and special mixing equipment in Europe, and its products are sold and used worldwide

in addition, the global tour of "dragon and elephant dance · Sany 2012 brand experience day" was launched. In more than four months, the storm of "dragon and elephant dance" brought by SANY and elephants swept the country, attracting 300000 people to participate in the event, with on-site turnover of more than 6 billion yuan, and setting a number of new records in China's construction machinery industry exhibition. Behind the brilliant performance, Sany and elephant show a shocking synergy

talking about the acquisition of Putzmeister, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, believed that "mergers and acquisitions are in line with the common strategies and industrial goals of both sides". This merger and acquisition is not a simple financial merger and acquisition, but a strategic merger and acquisition, which will determine the global competition pattern and the leading position of Sany industry. "Through mergers and acquisitions, Sany has owned or become a world-class brand."

the concept excavator "Transformers" made its debut in Northwest China. Another highlight of this exhibition is that the concept excavator "Transformers" made its debut in Northwest China, which was praised by many exhibitors and customers. It is full of stars. In less than a day, tens of thousands of exhibitors and customers came to visit "Transformers", and more than 1000 people took photos with it. Last October, "Transformers" also caused a great sensation at the Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition

the audience competed to take a group photo with "Transformers"

① there was friction in the force measurement part; The 8-meter-high concept robot is based on the sy215 excavator that Sany has mass produced. Its left hand is a drill, and its right hand is a bucket. Its body is composed of a chassis, which is controlled by the cab in the center, and its head and arms can be moved. The appearance design of "Transformers" full of tension and breakthrough shows the passion and charm of Sany's independent innovation

it is with this innovative spirit that Sany excavator sold more than 20000 sets in 2011, ranking first in national sales, breaking the monopoly of foreign brand excavators on the Chinese market for more than 20 years

in the survey of China Quality Association in 2011, Sany excavator ranked first in fuel economy. At the same time, the operation efficiency exceeds caterpillar and keeps pace with Komatsu. Under the same power, the working efficiency of Sany excavator has been increased by 8%, and the fuel consumption has been reduced by 10%, becoming the "king of fuel economy"

at the exhibition site, the staff said that in addition to good performance in China, Sany excavators are also popular in North America, Europe, Latin America and more than 40 countries and regions. In the hot Middle East, cold Russia and Africa with poor working conditions, Sany excavator has won unanimous praise from the market for its excellent performance

layout of the Eurasian Continental center and launch the Sany brand

in 2011, Sany participated in the Asia Europe Expo for the first time, and the exhibition was stunned by the title of "largest exhibitor", with sales of more than 76 million yuan. Its pump trucks, coal machines, mining trucks, and excavators attracted customers' attention. After a year of development, Sany has monopolized the trend in Xinjiang, and its pump truck and excavator market share are the first

among them, Sany pumping agent Xinjiang Zhongtai has achieved leapfrog development for three consecutive years, with sales increasing from 640 million in 2010 to 1.557 billion in 2011, and the sales in 2012 has exceeded that of last year, breaking through 1.6 billion yuan. The market share of various products is much higher than that of major competitors

in 2011, the market share of Xinjiang Jinghong, an agent of Sany Heavy machinery, rose from the ninth to the fourth, with an increase of 337%; In August, 2012, there was a demand for 2627 excavators in Xinjiang, and sany Jinghong ranked first in the sales list with a total sales volume of 506, which can be said to have created a myth in the machinery sales industry in Xinjiang

in addition, Sany Northwest Industrial Park, with an investment of 5billion yuan, which mainly produces concrete machinery, excavation machinery, automobile lifting machinery, piling machinery and other products, will also be put into operation in October this year to celebrate the national day

it is estimated that by 2016, the 60 ~ 100W dengbei Industrial Park in Sany West will have an annual production capacity of 4000 concrete machinery, 2500 excavators, 1500 automobile lifting machinery and 2000 coal machinery, with an output value of 12 billion yuan and 5000 jobs. Make contributions to accelerating the construction of new industrialization in Xinjiang and improving the level of equipment manufacturing industry. According to the company's strategic plan, the future products will be based in Xinjiang, facing the northwest and radiating to Central Asia

On May 15 this year, Zhou Yongkang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the political and Legal Commission of the CPC Central Committee, said during his inspection of Sany northwest heavy industry park, "Sany is the backbone of the nation", and wished Sany a higher level and strive to achieve better economic and social benefits, Make greater contributions to the construction of Xinjiang and the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry

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