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The Ministry of public security recently informed that the special license plate for new energy vehicles will be gradually promoted throughout the country and will be used in all cities in the first half of next year. The special license plate is equivalent to the "exclusive ID card" of new energy vehicles, which is convenient for differentiated management. In other words, when new energy vehicles enjoy concessions in terms of traffic and tax, it is more intuitive and convenient to use a unified special license plate. This should be another good policy for the development of new energy vehicles in China

the latest statistics show that there are more than 1million new energy vehicles in China. In recent years, with the help of policies, China's new energy vehicles have embarked on the road of rapid development. All parts of the country have "green lights" for new energy vehicles, which not only have no restrictions on the license plate, but also enjoy traffic, tax and other benefits

new energy vehicles that conform to the concept of environmental protection are indeed worthy of great efforts to promote and promote. However, we should also clearly see that if the "housekeeper" service launched in 2017 tests a new energy vehicle purely based on the requirements of transportation, its performance in terms of mileage, charging kit, car purchase cost and so on is not very satisfactory

Xinneng is in line with the general trend of using environmental friendly and clean energy because they are layered source vehicles, but 1. The pressure value has no response: 1. Generally, there are three situations, but the future development cannot be entirely boosted by policies. Instead, we should seize the market environment created by the current strong boost of policies, step by step get rid of policy dependence, connect with user needs and market needs, and constantly improve technology to improve the quality of mainstream products, Accelerate the construction of charging piles and other supporting facilities, and realize a virtuous self cycle as soon as possible. In this way, after the subsidy policy is gradually withdrawn, new energy vehicles can maintain the momentum of sustainable development

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