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On August 11, the China Association of automobile manufacturers released data showing that a total of 98000 new energy vehicles were sold in July, an increase of 19.3% year-on-year. In recent years, the new energy vehicle market has maintained a good growth momentum driven by various factors such as the government's favorable policies, changes in consumer preferences, and the improvement of awareness of sustainable development

different from traditional fuel vehicles, many new energy vehicles have found a new way in sales strategy - driving the display and experience centers into large commercial complexes. With the rapid development of the industry, new energy vehicles began to play an increasingly important role in the domestic retail property leasing market

there are "doorways" in the site, and they love good shops in high-quality shopping malls.

on August 5, Weilai automobile and Suning announced that they had reached a strategic cooperation and would land the "Weilai exhibition hall" in Suning square. In the near future, we are expected to see Weilai cars in several Suning squares in Chengdu

"Suning will solve all these problems by opening online and offline channels to empower Weilai automobile, and jointly create a new automobile intelligent marketing model with deep experience, full scene and good service." The relevant person in charge of Suning said that through the integration of Suning real estate, Tesco, sports, cultural and creative resources, Weilai automobile will be empowered to improve the voice of the industry and seize the sales market

it is learned that Nezha automobile Direct stores have also recently begun to enter the bustling business district of Chengdu, and the location is Jinhua Wanda Plaza, which has a high passenger flow. "Jinhua Wanda Plaza is located in the southeast corner of the second ring road of Chengdu. The transportation is very convenient, which is more convenient for test drive than the city center." Zhou Ping, the relevant person in charge of Nezha automobile, told, "our site selection is based on in-depth insight into the needs and experience of consumers, so that they can easily and quickly experience the products and services of Nezha automobile in a short distance in their spare time."

the person in charge revealed that Nezha automobile will also open a store in Chengdu. In terms of site selection, the brand has its own "doorway": on the one hand, it will expand according to its own needs and set up stores point-to-point around its competitors to form a market competitive advantage; On the other hand, relying on Longhu commerce and Wanda commerce, we carry out systematic point layout to provide consumers with convenient product experience and services

coincidentally, Xiaopeng automobile and Aichi automobile also choose to cooperate with Longhu. Aichi automobile entered Chengdu Longhu Binjiang Tianjie, and Xiaopeng automobile opened the experience center on the first floor of Longhu Xichen Tianjie

"Xiaopeng experience center is mainly located in good shops of high-quality shopping malls in the core business district of the city, and the comprehensive stores are mainly automobile city." Xiaopeng automobile gave such reasons for the materials applicable to the site selection cloth: metal and non-metallic materials. In addition to the business cooperation with Longhu in Chengdu, Xiaopeng automobile has also arranged experience centers in Raffles square on Renmin South Road, Yintai city and East Street on Yizhou Avenue. In the suburban Airport Road and airport, Xiaopeng automobile has a larger sales service center, including experience and service functions

as the leader of new energy vehicles, Tesla is the initiator of settling in the commercial complex. It took the lead in opening an exhibition center in Chengdu's high-end business district, COSCO, by clicking the valve port reset button on the main interface, taiguli, which has been popular. In 2019, ideal automobile Chengdu retail center was also located in Ocean Pacific. Zero run automobile has placed the second exhibition center in China at Chengdu global center

aim at new retail offline experience exhibition online sales

traditional fuel vehicle sales mainly rely on offline stores, most of which open 4S stores in the suburbs of the city, often with thousands of square meters of exhibition halls, maintenance workshops and parking lots. Nowadays, most new energy vehicle brands abandon the traditional thinking of selling cars and pay attention to large shopping malls with large traffic. They want to rely on new retail "charging and energy storage", so they like to choose large urban complexes with superior geographical location and fashionable and dynamic scenes to attract target customers. The actual effect is often better than that of traditional 4S stores

"the bustling business district, strong visibility and easy access of sample vehicles are the three main factors to be considered when selecting the location of the new energy vehicle brand image display store." Hu Leyi, the tenant research director of CBRE China Research Department, told that because new energy vehicles do not have a traditional engine power system, Jilin released the epidemic prevention and control measurement technology consulting telephone system to the society, and did not have high requirements for the size of the site. Secondly, new energy vehicles mostly choose the new retail mode of offline experience display and online sales, which is not particularly dependent on offline stores. The rise of young consumer groups in China and their recognition of new energy vehicles are also driving car retailers to adjust store design and leasing strategies

however, unlike most department stores, the space and pattern of auto retail stores must meet specific technical standards to meet the size and weight requirements of exhibition vehicles, such as the location of the first floor, direct access for vehicles, high load-bearing, super high-rise height, super wide door width, and the number of columns should not be too large. Generally, only the emerging large-scale shopping centers or the stores along the modern commercial streets can meet the site selection criteria of automobile retail stores

"when selecting the location of new energy vehicle brand display and sales stores, the store network should be planned by region, and the strategic layout of focusing on core cities and gradually radiating the surrounding areas should be implemented in each major region, which will help enterprises achieve the overall optimization of operation, supply chain and human resources while reducing marketing costs." Hu Leyi analyzed that from the perspective of store area, it is expected that more and more new energy vehicle brands will rent square meters of small stores for better profit and loss financial considerations. For new brands that have not yet achieved high or stable sales, if you can't find an ideal store for the time being, you can consider opening a flash store. This model has low rental cost, flexibility and easy to get attention. (Sichuan Zhao Zhang Dongwen/picture)

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