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New energy vehicle industry: a talent/capital/technology storm is on

Abstract: the price war was first launched by BAIC new energy, and then small electric vehicle manufacturers such as JAC, Chery, Jiangling, Zhidou, Zhongtai all announced the launch of new models and price cuts. There is only one result of such a price war, and those that are not large enough are gradually driven out of the market. Those with insufficient financial strength are dragged to death by the price war

"China has launched a sustained, focused and well funded campaign to win the battle for the dominance of new energy - the goal of the battle may be the biggest economic and strategic treasure of the new century. In the United States, we don't even know that we have fallen into a war."—— At the beginning of May, an article entitled "one thing trump said right: China is going to win" was published at a station in the United States, explaining the confrontation between China and the United States in renewable energy

in 2016, China sold a staggering 28million vehicles, including 550000 new energy vehicles. China's auto sales have accounted for 30% of the global market share, contributing more than 70% of the increment to the global auto market. The global market share of new energy vehicles is more than 50%

On April 28, peanut shell General Motors released Q1 financial report, with a net profit of $2.6 billion, an increase of 33.5% year-on-year. However, the capital market did not praise it. GM's stock continued to fall, and was finally overtaken by rising star Tesla on May 1. According to the calculation of financial analysis company S3 partners, the amount of shorting Tesla has increased to $10.1 billion. This year, the shorters of Tesla have lost a total of $3.7 billion, far more than the total loss of shorting any other U.S. stocks. A large number of "air forces" are still skeptical about Tesla's future

in China thousands of miles away, a financial, talent and technological opportunity for new energy vehicles is being staged

on May 4, Guangdong, a major automobile province accounting for 10% of the national automobile sales, finally launched its first Internet car building project - Xiaopeng automobile. However, in the whole news, the most intriguing information came from "huchunhua, Secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee, personally instructed to promote", which made Xiaopeng automobile more important. Before Xiaopeng automobile, Weilai automobile reached a cooperation with Hubei Province, won 10billion yuan through the Yangtze River Weilai fund, and then negotiated 20billion-30billion yuan through the cooperation of Wuhan East Lake high tech Zone, which has become the current flag of vehicle manufacturing in Hubei Province

from the first day of its establishment, singularity automobile announced a financing of US $1billion, and then announced its plan to land in Anhui. It obtained 1000 mu of industrial park land in Tongling, Anhui, and received an investment of 8billion yuan, trying to have an annual production capacity of 200000 vehicles after the completion of the new energy automobile industrial park

the most active is Zhejiang. The most well-known LETV super car project is located in Moganshan, Zhejiang, with a total investment of no less than 20billion yuan. The first phase grants 4300 mu of land and an annual output target of 400000 vehicles. The controversial item is Ranger. This project, which was denounced in the "ppt car building" before, has quietly landed in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, and has been approved with a land area of 2762 mu, with a total investment of 11.5 billion yuan, trying to achieve the annual output value target of 200000 vehicles. In addition, Weima automobile was finally introduced by Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province in the hot debate on the public experimental power of up to 45. It was approved to use 1000 mu of land, with a total investment of 6.7 billion and an annual output value of 200000 vehicles

Jiangsu, the neighboring province of Zhejiang, also won the "car and home" of the well-known entrepreneur Li Xiang and the "Mavericks" of the two wheeled electric vehicle project in this war of attracting investment and landing of the new economy and new GDP. If we look at the results, the current situation of the factory landing of the Internet car enterprises has taken shape: the capital scale is huge, the floor area is not small, covering the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, and it seems to become the tripartite confrontation of East China, central China and South China

how big is the market capacity?

by the end of March 2017, the investment planning and capacity planning of 13 emerging new energy vehicle enterprises had been approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology. According to the rough estimate of the approved projects by relevant institutions, by 2020, China's auto market will increase the capacity of 2.29 million new energy vehicles, with a total investment of 106 billion yuan

it is a matter of concern that traditional car companies are not idle. According to the data of China Automotive Technology Research Center, the planned new energy capacity of traditional auto companies in 2020 is 2.53 million. At present, there are more than 200 new energy vehicle enterprises registered nationwide, and there are dozens in Shanghai alone. If the capacity planning of these 200 companies is similar to that of the above 13 emerging new energy companies, the scale of future capacity is simply unimaginable, or can reach 10million vehicles

how can the market digest such a huge planned new capacity? According to the data, the sales volume of new energy vehicle passenger cars in 2016 increased by 85.99% year-on-year, 200.72% in 2015 and 289.82% in 2014. According to the current development trend of 86% growth rate (with the decline of new energy subsidies, the possibility of upside down growth rate is very small). By 2020, the scale of the new energy market is expected to be about 4million until the abolition of subsidies. The official expectation is 2.5-3 million vehicles

this market will be fought by Chinese local auto brands, multinational joint venture auto brands and new entrants

according to the C. double report: the fully open user report to Chairman Chen Anning predicted that 50000 vehicles could break even, the break even point of Weima automobile was 100000, and the break even point of Weilai automobile was 100000

in the most optimistic way, it is estimated that if emerging automobile manufacturers can obtain a 25% market share of new energy vehicles in 2020, they will obtain a sales volume of 750000 vehicles. Based on the theory that 50000 vehicles can be sold annually, only 15 car companies can survive. Of course, the reality will be more brutal. The sales volume of the leading car companies will be greater than the average, and the sales volume of the tail will be far lower than this figure

in Q2 2017, traditional EV launched a large-scale price war. The price of small and medium-sized electric vehicles with a mileage of less than 200km is directly increased from the original 120000 yuan to 60000 yuan. This occurred after the decline of subsidies for new energy vehicles

all market participants have to follow up. The price war was first launched by BAIC new energy, and then small electric vehicle manufacturers such as JAC, Chery, Jiangling, Zhidou and Zhongtai announced the launch of new models and price cuts. There is only one result of such a price war, and those that are not large enough are gradually driven out of the market. Those with insufficient financial strength are dragged to death by the price war

at the same time, 201 measurement and control part is composed of computer unit Imported German DOLI digital measurement controller (torque detection unit, collet torsion angle detection unit, sample gauge internal torsion angle detection 7 years Q1, Tesla achieved sales of 25000 vehicles, an increase of 69% year-on-year. Without any subsidies, the Chinese market achieved sales of 4799 vehicles in Q1, an increase of 250% year-on-year.

the Shanghai auto show closed the door, and the "barbarians" entering the auto manufacturing industry leveled the "threshold of manufacturing" The pace of did not stop! So far, no Internet car manufacturing company has obtained the production qualification of electric passenger vehicles from the Ministry of industry and information technology. On April 30, musk said in an interview, "it is likely to start the construction of four super factories, one of which will inevitably be in China."

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