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New energy vehicles will become the main force of investment

with the passage of time, the layout of market institutions in the second half of the year has become the focus of investors, but there are still environmental media. Recently, the cyclical sector and the new energy vehicle sector have continued to be active, and many institutions expressed a positive and optimistic attitude towards the future development of these two sectors

early July is the window period for the pre disclosure of economic data in the second quarter and semi annual reports of listed companies. The latest data released on the 10th showed that among the purchase prices of industrial producers, the prices of non-ferrous materials, ferrous materials, fuel power, building materials and non-metallic materials increased significantly. As of July 7, more than 1300 A-share listed companies have disclosed the performance forecast of the semi annual report, and the proportion of stocks with mining and non-ferrous metal performance growth ranks in the forefront, 92% and 88% respectively

for the analysis of the cyclical sector, a fund manager told that the profitability restoration driven by fundamentals makes the cyclical sector enjoy a certain degree of value premium. In the current market environment closely following the deterministic performance, this premium makes the cyclical stocks have a certain aggressive attribute. In the third quarter, the allocation of offensive targets will be increased, and cyclical stocks with increased flexibility will become the first choice

the above fund managers said that the reason why they are optimistic about the cyclical industry at present is that they have to earn three kinds of money in the market: the first is to earn money for valuation, the second is to earn money for performance, and the third is to earn money for market switching, and the cyclical industry has the largest intersection with these three main lines

highlights: many partial equity funds benefit from the new energy automobile industry chain

according to the statistics of Oriental Fortune choice, the net value of more than 50 partial equity funds has increased by more than 10% in the past month. The intelligent electronic tensile testing machine is suitable for plastic film, composite film, soft packaging materials, adhesives, adhesive tapes, and now the price of the testing machine is different. Tensile tests, elongation at break, peel strength Right angle tear, heat sealing strength, adhesive strength, puncture resistance test, low-speed unwinding force, stripping force and other performance tests. Among them, the surge in the net value of many funds stems from the heavy new energy vehicle industry chain. Wu Hao, manager of Xincheng Shengshi Blue Chip Fund, said that in the future, new energy vehicles may really usher in market breakthroughs and see great investment opportunities. In terms of investment layout, he is more optimistic about upstream resources

in Wu Hao's view, three points should be paid attention to in the future market: first, the listing of Tesla Model3, if successful, can prove that new energy vehicles can escape subsidies and become a big industry. Second, major global companies are implementing new energy vehicle plans, and traditional vehicle manufacturers are leaning towards new energy vehicles. In the future, there will be products that will impress consumers, and this kind of success, "Zhao Yu told reporters that the experience he cited will also be spread and copied. If the technology and business model are mature, there will be a large amount of products, and the market space is huge. Third, the implementation of relevant policies, such as fuel credits and new energy credits, will also promote the development of the industry

lvyuechao, manager of Fortis equity fund, also said that he was optimistic about the investment opportunities in the field of "redefining automobiles" at present and in the next few years. In its view, the history is somewhat similar. Since 2012, the wave of intelligent development has been redefined, and led to the prosperity of electronic components, software, media, Internet and other industries and capital markets for several years

at the current time point, LV yuechao believes that a batch of new models represented by Tesla Model3 may trigger a revolution of "redefining cars". New energy, intelligence and interconnection of cars will be an irresistible industrial trend to a large extent. Investment opportunities around the above industrial trends are expected to become a main line of capital market investment in the next few years

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