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New energy vehicle leading enterprises show competitive potential 2018 list of new energy vehicle concept stocks

industry and company dynamics Toyota has recalled more than 2.4 million vehicles worldwide due to mixing 7. Clamps: the adoption of a pair of clamp action system problems may cause flameout; Daimler will cooperate with Geely to establish a car Hailing joint venture in China; Chehejia released the first model of ideal smart manufacturing of electric vehicle brand, which will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019; Weilai automobile was increased by Tesla's second largest shareholder, and its share price soared by 22%; Beijing took the lead in introducing the assessment and reward policy for charging operators; The Ministry of industry and information technology has further optimized the new energy vehicle certificate information management system

product prices continue to decline. The market price of cathode material fell this week. The current market quotation of lithium cobalt oxide was about 372000 yuan/ton, which was reduced by 3000 yuan/ton compared with last week, resulting in a larger change. Now the lithium cobalt oxide market has improved gradually, but only the mainstream leading battery factory had some raw materials in the early stage. The pneumatic pipe joint tensile testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory met the requirements of the standard gb/t14514.1 ⑵ 013, so the market demand has improved and the power has been greatly reduced, The recovery power of small and medium-sized battery plants is insufficient. Although the market demand has warmed up, the demand is still lower than that of the same period last year. The market transaction price further fell due to the decline in the price of upstream cobalt lithium raw materials

investment suggestions:

2018 is the year of transformation of new energy vehicles from political class scoring and class evaluation policies to marketization. After the policy is stable, the development momentum of the new energy vehicle industry is strong. Since this year, the sales performance has continued to be hot and increased significantly. In the long run, the national strategy of supporting the sustainable and healthy development of the new energy vehicle industry will remain unchanged for a long time, and the gradual replacement of traditional fuel vehicles is the general trend, which will benefit the new energy vehicle industry in the long run

as the expansion of traditional fuel vehicles is blocked, coupled with the pressure of the double integral policy, it is expected that more traditional vehicle enterprises will join the field of new energy vehicles in the future, and the competition in the new energy vehicle industry will be more intense, which is also the only way for the industry. From the first half of 2018, the proportion of double points of major car enterprises has increased significantly compared with the same period last year. We believe that in this context, the dragon head enterprises in the new energy vehicle industry chain will highlight their competitive potential. We believe that under the background of fierce competition in the industry, industrial investment opportunities are mainly concentrated in dragon head enterprises in the industrial chain: (1) lithium battery upstream material enterprises with outstanding resource advantages; (2) The target that has scale advantages, high technical threshold and enters the new energy passenger vehicle supply chain; (3) A leading automobile enterprise with scale competitive advantage. Continue to recommend investment targets: Shanshan shares (600884, diagnostic shares), dangsheng Technology (300073, diagnostic shares), BYD (002594, diagnostic shares)

risk tip: the implementation of the policy does not meet expectations; The new energy vehicle policy has been tightened; The negative impact of declining subsidies for new energy vehicles

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