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New energy vehicles are strongly supported by the state! Why were more than 30 qualifications cancelled

the times are changing at a lightning fast speed, and so are cars. New energy vehicles have been vigorously promoted by the state because of the serious pollution of fuel vehicles to the environment. After all, fuel vehicles have caused very serious air pollution, and the massive consumption of gasoline has led to a serious reduction in resources. The popularity of new energy vehicles will bring many benefits, Although fuel vehicles are still dominant in China's auto market, the release of the national six standards indicates that the status of fuel vehicles has been fundamentally shaken, and new energy vehicles will become the mainstream in the future

disqualification due to not adhering to production guidance

in order to encourage the popularization of new energy vehicles, the state has subsidies for owners and manufacturers of new energy vehicles, but more than 30 new energy vehicle enterprises will be disqualified. Why? In China's new energy vehicle market, most new energy vehicle products come from independent brands, and there are only a few joint-venture brand products. The reason for stopping the production qualification of these more than 30 new energy vehicle enterprises is that they have not produced and sold new energy vehicles in one year or more. There are many mainstream joint-venture vehicle enterprises such as Chang'an Peugeot Citroen, Chongqing Chang'an Suzuki and GAC Honda on the list

there are many combinations of new energy vehicles

in order to solve the increasingly serious environmental pollution, the state carries out a series of subsidy policies for the purchase of new energy vehicles to promote consumption, and adopts microcomputer closed-loop control. In 2020, the models subsidized by the state include pure electric cars, pure electric multi-purpose passenger vehicles, and plug-in hybrid vehicles. No matter what model is produced by new energy, the most important thing is the quality, Otherwise, no matter how fancy the models are, they will not have long-term development

types of new energy

new energy is unconventional energy, which is all kinds of energy other than traditional energy, including energy that has just begun to be developed or is being actively studied and needs to be promoted, such as solar energy, wind energy, ocean energy, ground a - the total area of the friction surface of the test piece, thermal energy, biomass energy and nuclear fusion energy, etc. it is reported that the solar energy radiated to the earth every year is 1.78 billion kw, which can be developed and utilized 50 ~ 100 billion degrees, but the distribution is very scattered, There is little use of geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is the total heat content of rocks and water bodies within a depth of 5000 meters underground. Among them, within a depth of 3 kilometers of the land part of the world, high-temperature geothermal energy above 150 degrees is 1.4 million tons of standard coal. In some countries, with the innovation of science and technology and the rapid progress of ophthalmology in the past 20 years, people have higher and higher requirements for ophthalmic materials, There is a need for better functional ophthalmic biomaterials to be used in various fields of Ophthalmology, and many countries have begun to develop and utilize them

therefore, in order to sell cars well in today's difficult situation, we must first understand the policies and make breakthroughs and solutions according to our own problems, so that enterprises can have good development. Now new energy vehicles have become an inevitable trend, which need to be vigorously developed. Seize the opportunity, and there is a chance of success

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