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New energy vehicle enterprises need to improve their core competitiveness in the next five years is the key

recently, the China electric vehicle hundred people's meeting (hereinafter referred to as "hundred people's meeting") held a press conference and introduced to the media the upcoming China electric vehicle hundred people's meeting forum (2017) to be held from January 14 to 15, 2017. It is reported that this forum, with the theme of "improving core technology and innovation leading development", aims to play a leading role in the industry. It is hoped that more electric vehicle enterprises will pay more attention to building competitive brands and building their core competitiveness through core technology breakthrough and innovation while paying attention to capacity improvement

the forum includes four agendas: the closed door meeting of the board of directors of the 100 people's Association, the policy round table meeting, the innovation docking meeting and the innovation competition. The forum has set up eight thematic summits, including vehicle and brand, infrastructure and business model, power cells, fuel cells and so on. This special summit will be jointly held with local governments to meet local enterprises in the field of electric vehicles as soon as possible through the platform of the 100 people's Congress

at this press conference, Chen Qingtai, chairman of the 100 people's Association, and Ouyang Minggao, executive vice chairman, gave relevant answers on the technical route of China's new energy vehicles and lithium-ion power batteries, as well as the development of 1373

technological progress of lithium power batteries has promoted the improvement of the cost performance of electric vehicles.

"from a domestic perspective, 2016 is the year of improving the technical quality of electric vehicles, with its policy structure adjusted and industrial rational growth. From a global perspective, 2016 is the landmark year of pure electric drive technology transformation." Ouyang Minggao said at the meeting that after China's production and sales of new energy vehicles ranked first in the world in 2015, governments and manufacturers all over the world felt the challenge of taking the lead in China's pure electric drive technology. This year, major international automobile manufacturers are poised to transform to pure electric drive technology, among which the transformation of pure electric drive technology of Volkswagen in Germany is the most radical. At the end of this year, Toyota in Japan also strengthened its transformation to pure electric drive technology

at present, China has occupied a certain position in the field of international electric vehicles. "After the first year of development in 2014 and the extensive development in 2015, the development of electric vehicles this year is gradually. Food contact materials must not cause unacceptable changes in food ingredients or deterioration of sensory characteristics to become rational." Ouyang Minggao said that the strategic goal of China's pure electric drive technology is to take the lead in industrialization through pure electric vehicles and drive the all-round development of various types of electric vehicles. He said that taking the lead in developing pure electric drive technology has also driven China's battery industry to the forefront of the world. He introduced that the scale of China's battery industry has reached the first in the world, among which the power battery industry chain, especially the international market share of battery materials such as anode and cathode materials, is also the first in the world

the mainstream view in the industry believes that compared with other types of electric vehicles, the cost performance advantage of pure electric vehicles is 100-150 kilometers, but with the technological progress of lithium-ion power batteries, its cost performance advantage has expanded to 300 kilometers. "There are volume restrictions on passenger cars. From a technical perspective, 10000 tons of new energy can be easily generated per unit weight and volume. The more energy the project starts to store, the lower the cost, and the higher the technical level of electric vehicles." Ouyang Minggao believes that the progress of pure electric drive technology is meaningless if only the mileage is considered, and the specific energy of lithium-ion power batteries and vehicle prices are not considered

upgrading of pure electric drive technology, promoting the technological breakthrough of lithium power battery

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the strategy of new energy vehicle technology is to realize the upgrading of pure electric drive technology, including electrification, lightweight and intelligence. Ouyang Minggao believes that the goal of electrification is to make pure electric vehicles commercially competitive, including making mainstream A-class domestic cars competitive with fuel vehicles in terms of cost performance

achieving commercial competitiveness is the direction of joint efforts of new energy vehicle enterprises around the world. At present, the lowest battery system cost of electric cars in domestic research and development is 1.3 yuan/watt hour, and the monomer cost is about 1 yuan/watt hour. "By 2020, 1.3 yuan/watt hour battery system will be very common in China, and there is even hope to achieve 1 yuan/watt hour." Ouyang Minggao also said that there is much room to reduce the power consumption of electric vehicles. By 2020, it is hoped that the power consumption of class a cars will be reduced from the current 0.15 kwh/km to 0.1 kwh/km. At that time, the cost of the battery system with a range of 100 kilometers will be about 10000 yuan. If the lithium-ion power battery has a range of 300 kilometers, the cost of the battery system will be 30000 yuan. Coupled with the reduction of power consumption and the saving of maintenance costs, electric vehicles will be commercially competitive

"in this way, lithium-ion power batteries are also required to achieve technological breakthroughs, further reduce weight, volume and cost, and significantly increase specific energy - up to 300-350 watt hours/kg." Ouyang Minggao believes that this is the next key goal of lithium-ion power battery, in which a breakthrough in its materials is needed first. He said that from 2015 to 2030, the upgrading of pure electric drive technology will be expanded from "three modernizations" to "six modernizations", that is, the combination of electrification and low-carbon energy, the combination of lightweight and ecological manufacturing, and the combination of intelligence and integration. He believes that in the process of combining electrification with low-carbon energy, more advanced batteries will appear. For example, products using graphene materials are the research hotspot in the battery field this year

the next five years are the key, and we need to speed up the improvement of core competitiveness

"domestic new energy vehicle enterprises should not base their competitiveness on government subsidies, but should improve their core competitiveness in order to compete with fuel vehicles." Chen Qingtai said at the meeting that the core competitiveness of enterprises includes core technology and brand. Core technology is important, but brand is more important. He said that at present, it is very difficult to cultivate a new brand in the traditional automobile field, but it will be relatively easy to create a new brand in the electric vehicle field. The development of new energy vehicles is an opportunity for many enterprises to overtake on the curve

"it is worth noting that since 2016, China's electric vehicle industry is transforming from policy driven to policy and market driven." Chen Qingtai said that China has established confidence in the field of electric vehicles, trained its own team, and created a lot of dream space for subsequent development. However, he believes that under the background of China's electric vehicle industry gradually entering the post subsidy era, many international automobile enterprises are ready to make a large-scale transformation to new energy vehicles. Once the giant multinational automobile companies make efforts, the competition in the international new energy vehicle market will be extremely brutal. "There is not much time left for domestic new energy indication accuracy of 1% for automobile enterprises to improve their core competitiveness. The next five years are the key stage. Domestic automobile enterprises should work hard to improve their core competitiveness and develop high-level and high-quality products, so as to establish a standing new energy automobile brand." He said

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