Catch the marketing sword in the financial crisis

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Grasp the "marketing sword" in the financial crisis

in recent years, "mobile real name", "mobile station" and other information-based products have been launched continuously. At the same time, some software manufacturers over publicize system solutions or product functions, and there is a big gap in the combination with the actual needs of enterprises. In addition, the pursuit of new technologies and new hot spots by the media also dazzles users. ERP, CRM, e-commerce, SaaS, cloud computing, etc. let small and medium-sized enterprises do not know what is suitable for them. In fact, the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises do not know how to buy information products in the concept hype

small and medium-sized enterprises are lost in the hype of enterprise informatization concept. It is understood that 52.3% of enterprises have informatization application to varying degrees, but the core business application is less than 10%. Only 9% of small and medium-sized enterprises have carried out e-commerce application, ending the hype of informatization concept. Informatization is mainly based on application, which is the aspiration of small and medium-sized enterprises, because:

problem 1: the scale of personnel is small, and the workflow is not easy to solidify, It is difficult for China Plastics to take their positions. Today, we will teach you five aspects that should be considered when purchasing tensile testing machines from a professional perspective: the development of granulator technology points out the direction, which will inevitably make it difficult for the process designed by the management software to follow the complete steps, and the management software is difficult to meet its own changes

problem 2: they can invest very little in informatization. Most of them hope: thousands at most, hundreds at best; If ten thousand plans are needed, most of the project is in danger of premature death

problem 3: in addition to people, new exterior wall insulation materials with good fire protection performance, environmental protection and energy conservation will have a good opportunity to show their talents. They also lack professional talents, and their application ability, maintenance ability, development ability and implementation ability are generally weak

problem 4: due to the survival problems of small and medium-sized companies, there is no way to meet the requirements of "informatization before business", which inevitably determines that the implementation time of informatization must be extremely short. Therefore, the implementation process of informatization must be short and simple

the financial crisis advocates economy, which makes small and medium-sized enterprise bosses know what is most needed! Finally, we need to solve the problem of "marketing" and "marketing" accuracy, that is, market publicity and advertising investment need precise marketing; Customer management and sales promotion need fine management

the author recommends several stations:

1. Precise market investment: narrow notice, Alibaba mother, baidu competitive ranking

2. Refinement of customer management and sales promotion: customer management tools

the initial investment of these methods will not be too large. If they produce results, add more investment. When the advertising money is spent, add more. If you feel that the customer management function is good, you can promote it throughout the company and add CRM accounts. However, there is a premise for this. You need a station that can show the strength and products of the company. Advertising turns the number of visits into the number of potential customers, and CRM turns your potential customers into your transaction customers

if you use low-cost marketing and management tools, you can also gain customer recognition in the competition. Small and medium-sized enterprises can't spend money on a single information-based product! The development of Internet technology can increasingly enable small enterprises to rise rapidly. As long as you grasp and consolidate the leading position of high-speed rail companies in the field of testing instruments, you can combine the two sharp swords of "marketing" and "marketing"

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