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At the same time, by changing the proportion of the above three components, China's Xinneng automobile industry is entering the fast lane and is transforming from R & D to industrialization. The Ministry of industry and information technology said on August 5 that according to the research results of the Ministry, China has basically formed three types of new energy vehicle power system technology platforms of hybrid, pure electric and fuel cell, and an industry university research and development system, And the technical standard system framework and testing and evaluation ability of new energy vehicles

it is better for the industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology to carry out testing with its own materials. Li Wanli, a researcher of the policy department, pointed out that after the development and small-scale demonstration operation of electric vehicles and new energy vehicles during the Tenth Five Year Plan and the eleventh five year plan, they have reached the flowering and fruiting period. At present, new energy vehicle products are transforming from R & D to industrialization. In the process of new energy vehicle promotion and demonstration in recent years, hybrid electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles produced by many Chinese automobile backbone enterprises have developed rapidly. In terms of parts, manufacturers of core parts such as power batteries, drive motors and controllers have also launched a series of products that meet the performance requirements

Wan Gang, Minister of science and technology, stressed the urgency of developing new energy vehicles. Wan Gang predicts that in 2020, China's car ownership will reach 1.5, and the pressure on energy conservation and environmental protection will further increase. Therefore, it is now a strategic opportunity for China's energy conservation and new energy vehicle research and development

the national competent department is planning to increase the policy preferences and subsidies for new energy vehicles, but finally, all regions have also begun to expand the new energy industry with great fanfare. Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, Jiading District and SAIC Group have started the construction of Shanghai new energy vehicle and key parts industrial base, and the output value is planned to reach nearly 90billion yuan in 2012. Jilin Province has established a new energy vehicle industry alliance led by FAW Group to provide key financial support for the industrialization of new energy vehicles. Shenzhen takes BYD, a new energy car, and Wuzhoulong, a new energy bus, as the core to build a new energy industry chain

according to statistics, 91 vehicle products from 34 enterprises have achieved small batch vehicle production capacity and commercial demonstration operation in some regions, with a total of more than 500 vehicles put into operation and an operating mileage of more than 15million kilometers

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