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New energy vehicles must cross three hurdles

driving new energy vehicles is equal to saving money, reducing emissions, and even saving the earth. This is what people sincerely hope for. However, how can such a beautiful vision be realized

no matter how good the new energy vehicle is, if there is no place to charge, the driver can only be stranded halfway because the car "breaks down"; No matter how good the environmental protection concept is, if the technology cannot break through, its price will always be prohibitive; No matter how good the government incentive measures are, if enterprises do not give up their "psychological dependence" on the government, the relevant industries will always be "helpless ah Dou". Charging, technology and psychological dependence have become the three obstacles in the development of new energy vehicles

charging is as convenient as refueling

soldiers and horses are not moving, and food and grass are first. For electric vehicles, to be "popular", we must first solve the key link of charging. However, whether in the United States or Europe, the development of new energy vehicles has been nearly 20 years, but the charging facilities are pitifully few, with only a few demonstration charging stations, which I believe is the most credible Support the facade. Some experts conservatively estimated that hundreds of billions of dollars of investment would be needed to make charging stations as popular as gas stations, at least claiming that "the human rights situation in the areas of freedom of speech, assembly and association has further deteriorated". Where does such investment come from

of course, such a large investment cannot be obtained at once, but must be invested gradually after finding a good profit and promotion mode. The construction plan of the charging station of "wonderful space", headquartered in Silicon Valley of the United States, has attracted attention. The scheme proposes that thousands of charging stations distributed in residential areas, commercial buildings, parking lots and government buildings can be used to allow consumers within the scope of these charging stations to charge their electric vehicles anytime and anywhere. Therefore, using the existing civil power network to develop charging stations is a shortcut. German power equipment manufacturer Vitol plans to popularize car charging systems in parking lots across Germany. Using parking lots and other facilities to charge when the car is parked, not only saves time, but also saves the cost of building a new charging place, which should also be a feasible method

technological innovation is not "Arabian Nights"

German automotive experts pointed out that so far, most of the technologies needed to promote electric vehicles have not reached the mature stage. Especially in terms of battery reliability, durability, safety, charging speed and vehicle driving distance, the performance of new energy vehicles is less competitive than that of traditional vehicles. For example, it takes five to six hours to charge with 220 volt power supply at a time. Even without lights and wipers, electric vehicles can only run 100 to 150 kilometers

technical reasons have led to the overall high price of new energy vehicles, limited continuous mileage and slow running. In this case, even if people have environmental awareness, who will buy such expensive and troublesome cars

solving this problem requires two pronged approach. First, the government must provide necessary funds and policy support in the initial stage of the industry, so that all kinds of enterprises are willing to carry out research and development, so as to continuously reduce the cost of this kind of car and finally achieve the profit point. Secondly, automobile enterprises also need to be conscious and strengthen research and development. In the past, the high cost of new energy vehicles was largely due to the fact that most enterprises were half hearted about research and development

the reason why enterprises are half hearted is that there are many reserved technologies in traditional cars, and automobile manufacturers want these technologies to win and take the lead. Moreover, over the past decade, with the rise of Asia and emerging industrial countries, there has been a new market for traditional cars. As a result, automobile enterprises, mainly European and American manufacturers, have been rotating gracefully and sliding in a light singing and dancing atmosphere. It was not until the unprecedented financial crisis that the global automobile market shrank significantly

with global warming, the mantra of emission reduction is getting tighter and tighter. People finally wake up to the fact that the past way is unsustainable and new energy vehicles must be developed. From this point of view, there is still hope for further breakthroughs in new energy vehicle technology

get rid of "psychological dependence"

it is difficult for people to fundamentally control these pollution sources in a short time. We all know that the government must play an important role, vigorously support people to buy new energy vehicles from the policy, and subsidize enterprises to carry out research and development. However, reality has proved that the effect of these two aspects is not good

we can see that more than a decade ago, the European and American automobile industry still represented the mainstream direction of the development of the global automobile industry, and new energy vehicles seemed to be close to the market stage. However, with the encouragement of the government, almost all major automobile manufacturers launched at most a few model models to arouse the public's appetite and prevaricate public opinion. In addition to a few new energy vehicles of Japanese enterprises that barely achieved mass production, most of the new technologies and models were shelved after they were developed, and laboratories and warehouses became their destinations. What is the reason for this

the automobile industry is highly correlated, requiring huge investment in all aspects. The same is true of the development of new energy vehicles. The government cannot accept all of them, but can only play a role of encouragement and assistance. It is natural that the industry will never be able to do much by blindly relying on government investment

after getting used to calling for strong support from the government, should all relevant enterprises also think about how to carry out intra industry cooperation, how to strengthen their own hearts, and how to gradually focus on new energy vehicles. Because without the rapid increase of production, the cost of new energy vehicles will remain high; Without the participation of large enterprises such as energy giants, it is always a dream to have charging facilities everywhere; Without the self-cultivation of automobile enterprises, the industry will not have considerable development, and the new energy vehicles developed will always be beautiful decorations

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