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The catalogue of environmental protection industrial equipment (products) currently encouraged by the state to develop (revised in 2007) was issued

in order to meet the current and future needs of environmental pollution control, on April 30, the national development and Reform Commission issued the catalogue of environmental protection industrial equipment (products) currently encouraged by the state to develop (revised in 2007) (hereinafter referred to as the catalogue). The catalogue issued this time is a revision of the encouraged development contents of the first two batches of catalogue, and the relevant preferential policies will continue to be implemented

since the promulgation of the catalogue in 2000, enterprises have been guided and encouraged to develop eight categories and more than 100 environmental protection equipment (products). The technical level of environmental protection equipment (products) has been greatly improved, the production capacity has increased rapidly, and the industrial structure and product structure have become more reasonable, showing a good development trend. At the same time, with products that encourage development as the main line, 8 The preparation and utilization technology of superconductors, high-efficiency batteries and other new materials has formed a number of industrial backbone enterprises with independent development capacity

the catalogue issued this time encourages the development of 107 saturated products in seven fields, with the focus on:

(I) air pollution control equipment. First, dust removal equipment for industrial furnaces, flue gas desulfurization equipment for power stations, harmful gas purification equipment, indoor air pollution control equipment with the most stringent requirements, and clean coal combustion equipment are encouraged. Second, encourage the development of industrial furnace bag type dust collectors with high efficiency, large air volume, high temperature resistance and long service life in the dust removal industry. Third, in the field of flue gas desulfurization, we will focus on the development of special equipment for flue gas desulfurization in large-scale power stations dominated by wet desulfurization process. Fourth, encourage the development of indoor air pollution control equipment and harmful gas purification equipment. Fifth, encourage the development of high-performance clean coal combustion equipment

(II) water pollution prevention and control equipment. Products are encouraged to focus on the treatment of biochemical wastewater and wastewater containing heavy metal ions, sludge treatment and utilization, and disinfection equipment directly related to human health and environmental safety

(III) noise and vibration control devices. Choose noise control equipment in urban areas as the direction to encourage development

(IV) solid waste treatment equipment. We will encourage harmless treatment in solid waste disposal equipment, strictly control the emission indicators of incineration disposal equipment, and comprehensively improve the performance indicators of medical waste sterilization equipment

(V) comprehensive utilization and cleaner production equipment. With the equipment and clean coal combustion required for the development of circular economy, 3 As an aspect of encouraging development, oil leakage preparation caused by poor oil seal quality includes four encouraging contents: comprehensive utilization equipment of waste materials, comprehensive utilization equipment of three wastes, residual pressure and waste heat utilization equipment, and agricultural waste treatment and utilization equipment

(VI) environmental protection agents and materials. Special chemicals and materials for environmental protection will be included in the scope of encouraged development

(VII) environmental monitoring instruments. Continuous monitoring equipment for pollutants will be included in the scope of encouraged development

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