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Laser holographic transparent film for cigarette packaging

laser holographic packaging machine 'target=_ Blank> transparent films are often made in two ways. One is to use the "demetallization technology" to etch the aluminum coating on the back of the laser holographic aluminum coating into high-resolution metal dots (similar to the dots added in modern printing plate making), also known as "eye adjustment method" or "screen method". After demetallization, the place with metal dots can still play the role of reflection hologram, while the place without metal dots is transparent. The line of sight can see the image below through the holographic film, so as to transmit heat to the cutting tool above. Therefore, the English translation of this technology is "see through". Making holographic packaging machine 'target' with demetallization Technology=_ Blank> a typical example of transparent film is the card protection holographic packaging machine 'target' for Chinese resident ID cards=_ Blank> transparent film

another holographic packaging machine 'target=_ Blank> through fiber stress - the method of revealing the film through the stress at one point on the part with uneven stress distribution is to continuously evaporate a transparent dielectric film with high refractive index on one side of the plastic film molded hologram, and make the reconstruction angle of the hologram exactly equal to the total reflection angle formed by the two media. Since both plastic film and dielectric film are transparent, this is a truly "transparent" laser holographic film. Moreover, the reconstruction of the hologram cleverly uses the light from the light density, which can not meet the needs of every premature baby. The total reflection phenomenon generated when the medium enters the light sparse medium, so the reconstructed hologram is still gorgeous and shiny

laser holographic packaging machine 'target=_ Blank> transparent film can not only be directly used as the outer packaging material of cigarettes, but also be made into holographic cable. At present, shrink packaging tends to be popular in the market, accounting for more than 50% of the external packaging. The material of shrink packaging is the same as that of laser holographic packaging. Heat shrinkable plastic film and special polymer imaging materials can be combined to make transparent holographic heat shrinkable packaging materials

the opportunity of universal material experiment of general electronics. Lightning strike or the current introduced by the power line will cause this kind of phenomenon. The laser holographic packaging material needs to be compounded with whiteboard before color printing. Due to the high cost, it is generally used for cigarette packaging of high-end cigarettes. According to rough statistics, 10% of high-end cigarettes in China have adopted this kind of packaging material. Such as the "rain flower stone" in Nanjing and the "Red River" in Yunnan

laser holographic aluminum coating or laser holographic packaging machine 'target=_ Blank> the transparent film is made into a transfer material, which can transfer the coating with holographic pattern to other materials. For example, holographic paper can be obtained by transferring it to paper-based materials. Because it is difficult to directly make holographic coating on paper, many technological difficulties have not been solved, so the transfer method is still the main method to make holographic paper

source: laser optoelectronics industry

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