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Lanzhou Petrochemical Company completed the transformation project of polypropylene special medical materials

a few days ago, Professor Zhang Liqun of the advanced elastomer material research center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology said that the technical transformation project of polyolefin special medical materials technology in the ethylene plant of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company was completed, and the PP clean plant was officially put into production. As of September 1, a total of 2988.3 tons of polypropylene special medical materials had been warehoused and 929.8 tons had been shipped

the project is located in the trimer packaging warehouse of ethylene plant, which is divided into two clean packaging plants, PP (polypropylene) and LDPE (low density polyethylene), and each plant is equipped with two packaging lines. Through the transformation, new construction and operation according to the relevant management regulations of clean production after completion, it can meet the production requirements of medical polypropylene pellets, and mass produce low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP)

because the polyethylene and polypropylene raw materials required by Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises to produce sterile drugs are imported from abroad, and there is no relevant standard and finished product of medical polyolefin resin in China. Therefore, the completion of this project can fill the gap in the domestic market, make contributions to the formulation of standards for medical polyolefin raw materials and finished products, inspection methods, packaging, storage and transportation standards and their technical specifications, and bring new economic growth points to Lanzhou Petrochemical

in August, Lanzhou Petrochemical established a medical polyolefin product quality system and issued the quality manual of the medical polyolefin product quality management system in order to do a good job in the storage of polypropylene special medical materials and the stable transportation of tee plate friction pairs; The chemical storage and transportation plant has prepared the regulations on the management of warehouse and shipment of medical polyolefin products, which has successfully passed the review of the company, providing operation guidance for the production of medical materials in the future; Organize relevant personnel to learn and prepare operation specifications and management systems for special medical materials, train operators in relevant knowledge, and standardize staff operations. If the selection is inappropriate or inappropriate, learn relevant regulations and trial loading scheme

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