Lapping method of the most popular continuous belt

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The lapping method of the continuous belt of packaging and the resulting belt

[abstract is widely used] a method that uses ultrasonic welding, pulse lapping or other methods to superimpose a considerable part of the sales of several continuous belts used to pack bulk materials from the international market. In addition, it is disclosed that two steel bars are placed at the bottom of the test piece to align the two support lines of the test piece with the overlapping method

[sovereignty] 1 A method for lapping the cutting ends (28, 29) of several packaging continuous strips (10) containing bulk materials, which includes: forming several packaging continuous strips (10) with packaging materials, filling the packaging with bulk materials, sealing the edges of the packaging materials to form each package (20) of the continuous strip (10), wherein the adjacent packages (20) share a common sealing area (24) of the packaging materials, An opening (26) is formed in the common sealing area (24) between adjacent packages (20), and the continuous belt (10) is cut across the common sealing area (24) of the package (20) at several separate positions along the continuous belt (10), so as to form the cutting ends (28, 29) of the continuous belt (10), wherein each cutting end (28, 29) of the continuous belt (10) contains an opening (26) in the common sealing area (24), and without overlapping belt, Lap the two cut ends (28, 29) of the continuous belt (10) together with the opening (24) so that each opening (24) is overlapped

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