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Introduction to tianxinding, tower crane family of Fangyuan group: through the product exhibition and ordering meeting for the 40th anniversary of the founding of Fangyuan group, Fangyuan group launched a new type of tower crane QTZ63 (TC5510 can adopt this method:), which is aimed at 63T in gb/t tower crane The rated lifting capacity at the maximum working range of tower crane above m shall not be less than 1t. Day

through the product exhibition and ordering meeting for the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the group, Fangyuan group introduced a new type of tower crane QTZ63 (TC5510), which is aimed at 63T in gb/t tower cranes M3. When the plate spring bench test is carried out for 10000, 30000 and 60000 times, the rated lifting capacity at the maximum working range of the above tower crane is not less than 1t. A few days ago, the National Institute of special equipment inspection and research inspected the QTZ63 (TC5510) tower crane designed and developed by Fangyuan group. The tower crane successfully passed the use of CFRP in the market and will continue to expand the inspection. The technical performance of the product has reached the leading level of similar products in China

the tower crane is a multi-purpose tower crane with horizontal boom, trolley luffing, up slewing and self elevating. The main features of this machine are as follows:

1 The technical performance parameters are advanced and suitable for the construction situation of China's construction industry; (see parameter table)

2 The whole machine has reasonable structural layout and beautiful appearance

3. High working speed, good speed regulation performance, stable and reliable operation

4. Large scope of work, many ways of work, strong adaptability; Independent fixed type or attached fixed type can be adopted

5. All kinds of safety devices are complete and reliable in fact; It is equipped with lifting moment limiter, lifting weight limiter, lifting height limiter, trolley luffing limiter, tower crane rotation limiter, etc

6. The cab is independent and side mounted, with good vision. The cab adopts advanced linkage console to control the action of each mechanism, which is easy to operate and maintain

7. The electrical system adopts the electrical components produced by the professional electrical appliance factory with the introduction of foreign advanced technology or the components of international well-known brands, which have long service life, few faults and reliable operation

8. Equipped with trolley broken shaft protection device and trolley anti broken rope sliding device

9. The rigid double pull rod suspends the large-scale jib, which has good rigidity, light weight, small section, small wind resistance and beautiful appearance

this machine is applicable to the construction of medium and high-rise civil buildings, bridge water conservancy projects, large-span industrial plants and tall tower buildings such as tall chimneys and silos constructed by slip form method

main technical parameters of the product:

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