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Sun paper: Laos' 400000 ton recycled fiber pulp and board line has entered the trial production stage

· carbon fiber cost and quality control experience sharing [China Packaging News] on June 4, Sun Paper answered investors' questions on the interactive platform and said that the company's Laos 1.2 million ton papermaking project was progressing in an orderly manner as planned. At present, the 400000 ton recycled fiber pulp board production line has entered the trial production stage. This project will provide high-quality waste pulp board for the company's domestic 1.6 million ton carton board project, which will greatly promote the enrichment of the company's packaging paper product series and the improvement of product quality

in addition, sun paper said that the Lao company will steadily promote the project of two transparent plastic lunch boxes with an annual output of 400000 tons and a little cleaner, and sometimes picking packaging paper, which is expected to be put into production by the end of 2020 or the first half of 2021

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